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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminionmin‧ion /ˈmɪnjən/ noun [countable usually plural]  WORKERsomeone’s minions are the people who just obey their orders and do unskilled work – used humorously I was shown into the office by one of her minions.
Examples from the Corpus
minionBut he has written a steamy thriller, much to the surprise of his conservative minions.Of course, Satan and his minions are still all around us, full of fight.His boss sat on the forty-first floor and was still basking in the reflected glory of his minion.Alongside them rode Carey, Agrippa and Catesby, then us followed by the creaking carts and household minions.Until then only minions had been arrested, but now they turned their attention to the big fish.All the minions in the outer office take their eyes off their VDUs, and follow my limping progress up the room.The minions of the four Great Powers ride forth, clad in black and bronze.
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