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mi‧nor‧i‧ty S3 W2 plural minorities
1 [singular also + plural verb] a small group of people or things within a much larger group [≠ majority]:
Gaelic is still spoken in Ireland by a tiny minority.
minority of
Only a minority of people support these new laws.
small/tiny/substantial/significant minority
Gay men are a small but significant minority.
minority report (=a report by a minority of a group who do not agree with the others)
2 [countable usually plural]
a) SSR a group of people of a different race, religion etc from most other people in that country:
People from ethnic minorities often face prejudice.
the very large Russian minorities in Ukraine and Moldova
children from minority groups
the teaching of minority languages in schools
minority leader/businessman/student etc American English
a school with a high proportion of minority students
b) American EnglishSSR someone who belongs to a group like this:
Businesses are under pressure to hire minorities and women.

be in the/a minority

to form less than half of a group:
Boys are very much in the minority at the dance class.

be in a minority of one

to be the only person in a group who has a particular opinion
5 [uncountable] lawSSC the period of time when someone is below the age at which they become legally responsible for their actions

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