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minusmi‧nus1 /ˈmaɪnəs/ ●●● S3 preposition  1 HMused to show that one number or quantity is being subtracted from another opp plus 17 minus 5 is 12 (17 − 5 = 12). The payment will be refunded to you minus a small service charge.2 informalNOT HAVE without something that would normally be there, or that used to be there He came back minus a couple of front teeth.
Examples from the Corpus
minus30 minus 5 leaves 25.He came back from the fight minus a couple of front teeth.Here's the twenty dollars I owe you, minus seven dollars for the movie.When we take away points for hitting obstacles, you get a final score of minus seven.Tonight's low temperatures could reach minus twenty degrees in some areas.
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minusminus2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 ADVANTAGEsomething that is a disadvantage because it makes a situation unpleasant syn drawback opp plus There are both pluses and minuses to living in a big city.2 X-refa minus sign
Examples from the Corpus
minusThere are both pluses and minuses to living in a big city.But were I marking his inaugural effort for its calm sobriety, I fear my assessment would be beta minus.
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minusminus3 adjective  1 [only before noun] British English used to talk about a disadvantage of a thing or situation opp plus ‘Any minus points?’ ‘Well, the engine is rather noisy.’ On the minus side, there is no free back-up service if things go wrong.2 less than zero – used especially when talking about temperatures At night temperatures sometimes fall to minus 30°. a minus quantity3 A minus/B minus etc
Examples from the Corpus
minusThe temperature dropped to almost minus 40.a trade deficit of minus £4bnminus pointsSelf-assessment First sit down and make a list of your plus and minus points.All colours have their plus and minus points and there are times when a particular colour is best.
From Longman Business Dictionaryminusmi‧nus1 /ˈmaɪnəs/ preposition used to show that you are taking one number or quantity from another SYN LESSNet income is gross income minus income tax and National Insurance.minusminus2 noun [countable] a disadvantage or bad feature of somethingWhat are the pluses and minuses of practicing law in the private sector?The car’s only minus point is that the engine is rather noisy.
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