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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminusculemin‧us‧cule /ˈmɪnəskjuːl/ adjective  SMALLextremely small syn minute a minuscule amount of food Her office is minuscule.see thesaurus at small
Examples from the Corpus
minusculeCompared to its adult size, a new-born kangaroo is minuscule.The chances of getting the disease are minuscule.But the pay was low most of the classes met in the evening, and the traveling allowance was minuscule.The amount of money the Forest Service and Game and Fish put into sheep management was minuscule.The pool was surrounded by bronzed girls wearing minuscule bikinis.This bloody action-comedy achieved notoriety because writer / director Robert Rodriguez made the film without studio help on a minuscule budget.It was really a bedsitter, but had an attached bathroom, an electric kettle and a minuscule electric stove.She said the chances of siblings marrying are minuscule if the number of sperm donations are kept low.In fact, so bizarre are these minuscule penile structures that boffins will often rely on them to tell various insects apart.Stanford experienced only a minuscule profit last year as well.
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