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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminutesminutes[plural]MEET an official written record of what is said and decided at a meeting Will you take the minutes (=write them down)?minutes of Has everyone seen the minutes of last month’s meeting? minute
Examples from the Corpus
minute ofThis exasperating weekday practice prevents us seeing at least 10 minutes of each of the first two sessions of paly.Some 11 minutes of the latest Disney feature, Oliver and Company, use computer-generated elements.After about 20 minutes of arguing, both of them seemed on the verge of outright hysteria.After only 26 minutes of the first set the covers came on.That adds up to 30 minutes of supercharged Hollywood spectacle.Hearty laughter is also good exercise: one hundred hearty laughs is equal to ten minutes of rowing.United were within thirty minutes of possible relegation ... then Joey Beachamp made up for all his earlier misses.The fellas arrived within two minutes of the last man.