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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminutiaemi‧nu‧ti‧ae /maɪˈnjuːʃiaɪ, mə- $ məˈnuː-/ noun [plural]  DETAILvery small and exact detailsminutiae of I’m not interested in the minutiae of the research, just its conclusions.
Examples from the Corpus
minutiaeBut I found that time and grief had erased the daily minutiae I wanted.If so, such a flurry of heralding minutiae escaped me.The orchestral world is rife with three-minute fanfares, five-minute fantasies and other musical minutiae.Cliff Benjamin taps large paintings to portray minutiae and outer space panoramas, all connected to images in the natural world.It revealed an unrepentantly superficial world where life revolved around the minutiae of outward appearances and public display.Even the minutiae of the airline business obsessed him more than the minutiae of the record business ever had.This usually takes the form of obsessively pursuing the minutiae of experimental phenomena and theories that leave a subsequent generation cold.
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