Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin miraculum


Related topics: Christianity
mir‧a‧cle [countable]
1 something very lucky or very good that happens which you did not expect to happen or did not think was possible:
It's a miracle you weren't killed!
By some miracle, we managed to catch the plane.
the economic miracle of the 1950s.
She's our miracle baby.
small/minor miracle (=something lucky but not very important)
The fence's survival in these winds seems like a minor miracle.
2RRC an action or event believed to be caused by God, which is impossible according to the ordinary laws of nature:
Do you believe in miracles?

miracle cure/drug

MH a very effective medical treatment that cures even serious diseases:
There is no miracle cure for diabetes.

work/perform miracles

to have a very good effect or achieve a very good result:
Maybe you should try yoga - it worked miracles for me.

a miracle of something

a very good example of something:
The concert tour was an absolute miracle of organization.
a miracle of modern engineering

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