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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiraculousmi‧rac‧u‧lous /mɪˈrækjələs/ adjective  1 LUCKYvery good, completely unexpected, and often very lucky She made a miraculous recovery from her injuries. They had a miraculous escape when their car plunged into a river.see thesaurus at lucky2 a miraculous action or event is believed to be caused by God, and is impossible according to the ordinary laws of nature miraculous powers of healingmiraculously adverb Miraculously, no one was killed.
Examples from the Corpus
miraculousTry to live as though every moment is miraculous.In Love again, the new beloved was perfect and miraculous.It is nothing short of miraculous.A teenager had a miraculous escape last night when the car she was travelling in overturned.After 100 miraculous kilometres we met the other bus returning to Francistown.For centuries after his death, the insane were dipped in the waters of his fountains, where many made miraculous recoveries.The doctor gave her a month to live but she made a miraculous recovery.Water is a miraculous substance remover; it will remove probably 85 percent of all stains.The emergency services said it was miraculous that no-one was seriously injured.It was a supernatural, miraculous thing, like the haloes of the saints...Pat managed to get 147 tapes and 100 books plus lots of magazines through customs in a miraculous way.
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