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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiscellanymis‧cel‧la‧ny /mɪˈseləni $ ˈmɪsəleɪni/ noun (plural miscellanies) [countable]  VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSa group of different things syn varietymiscellany of He earned his living from a miscellany of jobs.
Examples from the Corpus
miscellanyAll of us have a miscellany of ideas, most of which are not consequential.To the idea of a miscellany he gave a firm no.a miscellany of travel writingFranc's Diary, that entertaining miscellany which was written for years by a succession of different pens.He gave the miscellany no further thought.It was there by the River Greta at Brigham that the miscellany of workshops and smelting houses were erected.This miscellany printed poems by Wordsworth, Crabbe, and Byron, as well as many others whose popularity has faded.
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