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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisconceivedmis‧con‧ceived /ˌmɪskənˈsiːvd◂/ adjective  BELIEVEa misconceived idea, plan, method etc is not a good one because it is based on a wrong understanding of something His arguments are totally misconceived. His criticisms are misconceived and misplaced.
Examples from the Corpus
misconceivedExecutives sometimes find that, on close inspection, the complaints made against them are misconceived.In the Law Society's view, this is misconceived.A catalogue of misconceived ideas has preceded our descent into chaos.As a criticism of the courts, this seems misconceived or at least misplaced.At least for the moment, the Conservative government has wrecked its popularity by pursuing misconceived projects such as the poll tax.Hence the misconceived view that researchers' research is theory-based whilst teachers' is not.The trip was to become the epitome of the affair: misconceived, well-meaning, disastrous, courageous, deceptive and surreal.
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