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misdeedmis‧deed /ˌmɪsˈdiːd/ noun [countable]  formalSCCBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS a wrong or illegal action He now repents of his past misdeeds.
Examples from the Corpus
misdeedAn owner's anger at some feline misdeed usually involves harsh tones and fixed staring.Another 60,000 had been punished for misdeeds but retained their party membership, while a further 120,000 were still under investigation.But the country paid for his misdeeds.Even then, none of us suspected the scale of his misdeeds against the women he claimed he wanted to help.Too often they ignore misdeeds and then protest when the media points them out.Probably now that she had gone they were talking more freely-about the Nawab and his mysterious misdeeds.A congressional committee is investigating the department's misdeeds.If the person's heart was heavy with misdeeds, the Devourer would consume the victim and they would never find peace.
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