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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiserlymi‧ser‧ly /ˈmaɪzəli $ -zər-/ adjective  1 LITTLE/NOT MUCHa miserly amount or quantity is one that is much too small syn measly, paltry We were offered a miserly 4% pay rise.2 GENEROUS#a miserly person is not generous and does not like spending money syn meanmiserliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
miserlyAwarded a miserly 85% on Issue 66, on budget it's worth far, far more.Old Crumwallis won't notice I've had more than his miserly allowance.Too many customers are alienated by our miserly attitude to compensation for mistakes that we made.His action has already caused the premature death of 700,000 birds with miserly compensation to owners.Nobody was more surprised than Neeld when his miserly great-uncle proved to be worth nearly £1 million, mostly in cash.The First World's miserly materialism is enough to make any honest seeker yearn for a new alternative or age.A miserly offer is unlikely to be accepted.
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