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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisfitmis‧fit /ˈmɪsˌfɪt/ noun [countable]  WRONG/UNSUITABLEsomeone who does not seem to belong in a particular group of people, and who is not accepted by that group, because they are very different from the other group members syn outsider I was very conscious of being a misfit at school. a social misfit
Examples from the Corpus
misfitI didn't have a very happy time at school - I suppose I was something of a misfit.However, as they say, once a misfit, always a misfit!Bloody misfits, he cursed inwardly, as he trudged down into the blackness.During the commune heydays of the early 1970s, the ranch collected a typically renegade group of cultural misfits.All his posse friends were psychos, deranged misfits who were cruel for kicks.Yet they weren't attractive men; she seemed to have a line in short, greasy misfits.He's always blamed his parents for turning him into a social misfit.He bitterly blamed his parents for turning him into a social misfit.Ostensibly a social misfit, he is most at home with his new books, old records and middle-aged pet Labrador.I was a social misfit at school.Were these beginnings among the outcasts, the pariahs, and the misfits merely accidental?
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