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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisgivingmis‧giv‧ing /mɪsˈɡɪvɪŋ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  NOT SUREa feeling of doubt or fear about what might happen or about whether something is right syn doubtmisgiving about Despite her misgivings about leaving the baby, she decided to accompany her husband.grave/serious/deep misgivings Some politicians have expressed grave misgivings about the scheme. Opponents of nuclear energy have deep misgivings about its safety. She eyed the distant shoreline with misgiving.COLLOCATIONSverbshave misgivingsI had some misgivings about her marriage. She was very young.allay/quell somebody’s misgivings (=stop someone from being worried)He tried to allay her misgivings about the flight, with little success.express/voice your misgivings (=say what you are worried about)Only a few Senators voiced their misgivings about the war.adjectivesgrave/great/serious/severe misgivings (=serious and important worries)Most of us have grave misgivings about the idea of human cloning.considerable misgivings (=a lot of worries)He had considerable misgivings about taking the case to trial.deep/profound misgivings (=serious misgivings that will be difficult to solve)Teachers have deep misgivings about allowing business values to be used in schools.phrasesdespite/in spite of somebody’s misgivingsDespite his misgivings, he decided to support the proposal.
Examples from the Corpus
misgivingOrkney Presbytery followed suit, stating their very grave misgivings about the procedures followed by Orkney Islands Council.It is quite a commitment and I can understand anyone having misgivings.Luke's dismissal of Elise as a mere client had rekindled all her misgivings.Mrs Tilling viewed the proceedings with some misgivings, but sat herself down gingerly on the edge of the seat.But Navarre, by then wedded to his strategy, disregarded their misgivings.Slowly and with misgiving, she went down to greet the Reverend James Longley.Recall, with misgivings, that what attracted me to Spouse originally was his wit.have ... misgivingsIn fact, Ralph did have misgivings about switching careers.Nevertheless, Jackson, the estate agent, must have had some misgivings about the way matters were progressing.I have great misgivings about what was done by the previous Labour Government.Innovation and expansion have continued apace as manufacturers have no misgivings about the long-term future for clay roofing tiles.Anyone who did not have at least misgivings about transition would be very unusual.
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