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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmishapmis‧hap /ˈmɪshæp/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  ACCIDENTa small accident or mistake that does not have very serious results I had a slight mishap with one of the glasses. a series of mishapswithout mishap Only one horse finished the course without mishap.
Examples from the Corpus
mishapThis is particularly important for the newly toilet-trained who might have a mishap if they are impeded!The fire began because of a mishap in the kitchen.She should have taken precautions against such a mishap.When he had finished he thanked her kindly and oiled himself thoroughly with his jewelled oil-can, to guard against mishap.There have also been difficulties and mishaps.Although this particular occasion was rather marred by our mishap it was great to meet old friends again.Josh had just had a slight mishap with the breadknife, and was trying to find a Band-Aid.The mishaps that befall Van Orton seem more random and jarring, though, than cohesively engineered to facilitate his spiritual development.To guard against this mishap he devised several different methods of deceleration.We managed to reach our destination, despite one or two mishaps earlier on in the day.Arrived at Les Contamines weary but without mishap.without mishapAfter many delays, the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis proceeded without mishap.
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