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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmishmashmish‧mash /ˈmɪʃmæʃ/ noun [singular]  informalVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS a mixture of a lot of very different things that are put together in a way that is not organized syn hodge-podgemishmash of The magazine is a jumbled mishmash of jokes, stories, and serious news.
Examples from the Corpus
mishmashThe dancers' costumes are a mishmash of fashion trends.Only a dialect, a mishmash.Can he replicate elaborate shapes or does he tend to make a mishmash?Reluctantly she stepped on to a moving walkway that carried her through a mishmash of exotic atmospheres.There was a mishmash of furniture, sofas, rugs, and it all looked enviably comfortable.In the author's view the Lucas supply function comprises an arbitrarily concocted mishmash of conjectures and suppositions.What looks beautiful to you may be a confusing mishmash to others.
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