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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisplacedmis‧placed /ˌmɪsˈpleɪst◂/ adjective  WRONG/INCORRECTmisplaced feelings of trust, love etc are wrong and unsuitable, because the person that you have these feelings for does not deserve them I realized that my trust in him was misplaced. She stuck with him through a misplaced sense of loyalty.
Examples from the Corpus
misplacedTheoretically and empirically this emphasis is misplaced.If banks choose not to be tempted in this way then an appeal to their civic duty is misplaced.In such a situation, I suggest, faith becomes blind, belief becomes credulous and trust becomes misplaced.Liberal emphasis on the psychological problems of the radicals appears misplaced.But the idea that you have to see the original film is misplaced and outmoded.The misplaced bonhomie, the unchecked schoolboy enthusiasm that Edward distrusted in him, was tightly reined.Richards said, with misplaced confidence, that the ship was 'unsinkable'.I only ask because you may miss a rare opportunity to improve you life in April, due to misplaced prejudice.Despite her doubts, she supported the new legislation out of a misplaced sense of loyalty to the leadership.This misplaced sycophancy is compounded by a mass of aristocratic name dropping.Children must be warned against a misplaced trust of strangers.I suppose her chief fault was misplaced trust, rather than any real crime.
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