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miss the point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiss the pointmiss the pointUNDERSTAND#to not understand the main point of what someone is saying miss
Examples from the Corpus
miss the pointMore importantly, it misses the point.She paused at the door so I would not miss the point.I soon realised that he had completely missed the point.Both these reactions miss the point.It's always easier for some one else to see where you've missed the point.But that completely misses the point about the way the academic mind works.As usual, the Treasury misses the point entirely.He's so caught up in the rules that he's missing the point of the game, which is just to have fun.It should be obvious, however, that he is here simply missing the point of theism.Alas, the critics were liable to miss the point or deliberately find fault with it.You're both missing the point, which is to get more people to use public transportation.
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