Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: missio 'act of sending', from mittere 'to send, throw'


Related topics: Officials, Military, Religion
mis‧sion [countable]

air force/army etc

PM an important job that involves travelling somewhere, done by a member of the airforce, army etc, or by a spacecraft:
He was sent on over 200 missions before being killed in action.
mission to
the first manned space mission to Mars
US troops taking part in the peacekeeping mission


an important job that someone has been given to do, especially when they are sent to another place:
Her mission was to improve staff morale.
on a mission
scientists on a mission to the rainforest, to study possible medicinal uses of plants
rescue/diplomatic/fact-finding etc mission
a group of US congressmen on a fact-finding mission to Northern Ireland


something that you feel you must do because it is your duty [= calling, vocation]:
Momich's mission was to help young people in his local community.
His main mission in life is to earn as much money as possible.


the purpose or the most important aim of an organization:
The mission of International House is to enable students of different cultures to live together and build life-long friendships.
mission statement


PGO a group of important people who are sent by their government to another country to discuss something or collect information [= delegation]:
a British trade mission to Moscow


a) RR religious work that involves going to a foreign country in order to teach people about Christianity or help poor people
b) RR a building where this kind of work is done, or the people who work there

mission accomplished

used when you have successfully achieved something that you were trying to do

woman/man with a mission

someone who is very determined to achieve what they are trying to do - often used humorously

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