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missionarymis‧sion‧a‧ry1 /ˈmɪʃənəri $ -neri/ ●○○ noun (plural missionaries) [countable]  RRCsomeone who has been sent to a foreign country to teach people about Christianity and persuade them to become Christians
Examples from the Corpus
missionarySister Courtney was a missionary in Nicaragua for 15 years.Eventually unmarried women found vocational outlets as missionaries.At Kemmendine, there were two experienced missionaries, men of outstanding ability, character and devotion.No wonder the Twelve made it their priority, and the nameless missionaries of 8:4 took it as their great weapon.In the basement meeting room, he placed me on a bench be-tween two other missionaries.In the persecution of 1665, he was banished with other missionaries to Canton.The missionaries held on to my arms.Gambling and crowd disorder was customary but there is no question that Clarke and his boys were missionaries.In October 1927, the young missionary was steaming at 15-20 knots towards Rangoon.
missionarymissionary2 adjective [only before noun]  1 relating to the work of missionaries missionary work a missionary hospital2 missionary zeal
Examples from the Corpus
missionaryFrom the start her charm and her missionary addresses captivated her hearers and young people were challenged.Yet here is a dark continent on our own doorstep, crying out for missionary endeavour.At the same time missionary monks helped to conquer Siberia.Priests and laymen of all three religions organized educational institutions and missionary propaganda.His teacher, who had founded the missionary school, had high hopes for his star student.It is intended that these articles should be in addition to current missionary writing which appears in the magazine each month.But it is obvious that one relatively small peninsula can not contain this missionary zeal indefinitely.
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