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mistaken belief/idea/impression/view etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmistaken belief/idea/impression/view etcmistaken belief/idea/impression/view etcBELIEVE#a mistaken belief etc is not correct Marijuana has few withdrawal effects, and this has given rise to the mistaken belief that it is not addictive. mistaken
Examples from the Corpus
mistaken belief/idea/impression/view etcPeople have a mistaken idea about artists.The foregoing paragraphs dispose, it is hoped, of some mistaken ideas as to the state and progress of sexuality in adulthood.Such a deeply mistaken belief can only come from a citizen of a country with a disciplinarian attitude to politics.The most mistaken idea is that you can Xerox people and somehow clone a fully grown adult.This can give rise to the mistaken belief that cocaine is not an addictive drug.Cannabis may have few immediate withdrawal effects and this again may give rise to the mistaken belief that it is not addictive.A thin, friendly man, he often gave the mistaken impression that nothing was too much trouble.That can lead to the mistaken impression that the principles do not fit businesses involved in services.
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