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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisunderstoodmis‧un‧der‧stood /ˌmɪsʌndəˈstʊd $ -ər-/ adjective  used to describe someone who is not liked by other people in a way that is unfair, because they do not understand him or her Rodman claims that he is misunderstood, and that the media have always portrayed him unfairly.
Examples from the Corpus
misunderstoodThey have felt misunderstood and scapegoated, quite unprepared for the political and social dilemmas in which they were caught.They simply feel misunderstood and unappreciated.For some, the Council was no more than a prudent but much misunderstood attempt to update a few relatively minor matters.Perhaps television will eventually lead to better public comprehension of that much misunderstood institution of Parliament.He could see a hurt, misunderstood look spreading across Karen's face.A basic but often misunderstood principle is that intelligence information.There was a commotion of shouting and misunderstood reports of what had happened.Some people think that Rodman is misunderstood, that he's really a sweet guy.Yet for all that, it remains a strangely secret and much misunderstood world.
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