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mitigating circumstances/factors

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmitigating circumstances/factorsmitigating circumstances/factorsSCTfacts about a situation that make a crime or bad mistake seem less serious Judges often give reduced sentences where there are mitigating circumstances. mitigating
Examples from the Corpus
mitigating circumstances/factorsA good barrister - he'd known Thomas Walters for years - would be able to argue mitigating circumstances.In its defence, the Government pleads mitigating circumstances.Lancashire were subsequently fined £500, not £700, because of mitigating circumstances.Now, that decision has been overturned although the appeal judges spoke of strong mitigating factors in the case.There were also mitigating factors, Lord Lane said.I understand that there are mitigating circumstances, programming complications, contracts, etc.Juries have long stretched notions of self-defense or extended implicit clemency to recognize mitigating factors such as provocation and histories of abuse.In the absence of mitigating factors the virus is likely to hit a dead end wherever strict role separation is practiced.
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