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mittmitt /mɪt/ noun [countable]  1 DCCa type of glove that does not have separate parts for each finger syn mitten ski mitts an oven mitt (=a thick glove used to protect your hand when you hold hot pans)2 mitt.jpg DSBa type of leather glove used to catch a ball in baseball3 informal especially British EnglishHBH someone’s hand Robert’s put his sticky mitts all over it.
Examples from the Corpus
mittAnd then there's this garish white comic poster of Rosie O'Donnell in a baseball mitt.He parked and when I got out he was holding two baseball mitts and a hardball.The thought made her laugh again; she put her black mitts to her cheeks, stinging with cold and sun.boxing mittsWould you keep your grubby mitts to yourself!He is putting on his protection, a long mitt made of sacking up to his elbow.Cynthia arrived, wearing a pair of blue oven mitts and carrying a large stew pot.She was damp, she was sore from scrubbing with the shower mitt, her hair hung in rats' tails.I could see his fingers working signals behind the mitt so intensely the batter had to have seen too.Miriam presiding over a display of woven baskets and woolly mitts - some hopes!
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