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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmixedmixed /mɪkst/ ●●○ adjective  1 [only before noun]VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS consisting of several different types of things or people a very mixed group of women a mixed salad2 mixed feelings/emotions3 mixed reaction/response/reviews etc4 especially British EnglishSEX/GENDER for both males and females a mixed school5 a mixed blessing6 a mixed bag7 (of) mixed race8 in mixed company mixed metaphor at metaphor(2)
Examples from the Corpus
mixedOne hall of residence is for men, one is for women and the third is mixed.Reactions to the announcement were somewhat mixed.The show draws a mixed audience of children and adults.Place a plastic bag in your pot and fill with ready mixed cement.But the College says it's now as a mixed college the Somerville can best function and encourage academic excellence in women.Beat in the mixed dried fruit and milk and turn into the prepared can.Many new step-parents will admit to having mixed emotions about their new family.The other girls had mixed feelings, some of them were happy for me but some were jealous.a salad of mixed greensThe mixed honours degrees mentioned below specifically cater for the non-vocational law student.This is a very mixed neighborhood, both racially and socially.After beating the cake mixture, add a handful of mixed nuts.If the New Deal is judged by its economic success alone, then the verdict must be a mixed one.a mixed-race familyBrisbane High was a mixed school so we had plenty to distract us from our lessons.Also, would you recommend traditional or reverse-flow undergravel filtration for a mixed set-up?A geezer down in Catford once mixed smack with flour.
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