mixed S2
1 [only before noun] consisting of several different types of things or people:
a very mixed group of women
a mixed salad

mixed feelings/emotions

if you have mixed feelings or emotions about something, you are not sure whether you like, agree with or feel happy about it
mixed feelings/emotions about
I had mixed feelings about meeting Laura again.
He watched with mixed emotions.

mixed reaction/response/reviews etc

if something gets a mixed reaction etc, some people say they like it or agree with it, but others dislike it or disagree with it:
The film has had mixed reviews from the critics.
Media coverage of the event was mixed.
4 especially British English for both males and females:
a mixed school

a mixed blessing

something that is good in some ways but bad in others:
Having your parents living nearby is a mixed blessing.

a mixed bag

a) a group of things or people that are all very different from each other
a mixed bag of
The concert was a mixed bag of classical and modern music.
Club-goers are a mixed bag these days, and so are the places they go clubbing.
b) something that includes both good and bad parts:
The meat was very good, but the vegetables were rather a mixed bag.

(of) mixed race

having parents of different races:
children of mixed race

in mixed company

when you are with people of both sexes:
It's not the sort of joke you tell in mixed company.

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