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mixed reaction/response/reviews etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmixed reaction/response/reviews etcmixed reaction/response/reviews etcVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSif something gets a mixed reaction etc, some people say they like it or agree with it, but others dislike it or disagree with it The film has had mixed reviews from the critics. Media coverage of the event was mixed. mixed
Examples from the Corpus
mixed reaction/response/reviews etcAs its image as an independent search for truth has changed, scientists have had mixed reactions.Carrick's captaincy received mixed reviews.Math Blaster 1 and 2 from Davidson got mixed reviews.The seventeenth edition met with mixed reactions.When asked how beneficial the training had been there was a somewhat mixed response.When Gore was the Democratic front-runner for the presidential election, his satellite drew a sharply mixed reaction.The campaign received mixed reviews inside and outside Hollywood, with some accusing Jackson of bad timing.Central Florida school leaders gave the proposed passing scores mixed reviews Wednesday.
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