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mobile home

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmobile homeˌmobile ˈhome noun [countable]  1 American English a type of house made of metal, that can be pulled by a vehicle and moved to another place2 British English a large caravan which always stays in the same place and is used as a house syn trailer American English
Examples from the Corpus
mobile homeMy dad was a minister, and we traveled a lot on weekends in a mobile home.The couple moved a mobile home on to their twenty acre smallholding at Awre after they bought the land four years ago.The retired Internal Revenue Service employee paid $ 15,500 for the two-bedroom mobile home on space 72.A 36-year-old woman died when a tornado swept through her mobile home.Ruestman died from a single shot to his heart after answering a knock at the front door of his mobile home.As soon as it is sold the 58-year-old widow plans to move into the mobile home in nearby Laguna Beach.
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