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mobile phoneˌmobile ˈphone ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 TCTa telephone that you can carry with you and use in any place syn cellular phone American English 🔊 mobile phone users
Examples from the Corpus
mobile phoneIt used to be only the City yuppie, but now most people can afford a mobile phone.The frantic driver was able to get out of his car and call emergency services on his mobile phone.Ericsson, the world's third-largest mobile phone company, is to halt production of handsets, shedding 11,000 manufacturing jobs.Cable & Wireless fell 23p to 846p after its Mercury operation launched a new mobile phone service.There wasn't a dry eye on the terrace-until somebody's mobile phone went off, anachronistically.Dimension Data rose 4.1 per cent to R52.90 while mobile phone operator M-Cell jumped 76.6 per cent to R26.65.
From Longman Business Dictionarymobile phoneˌmobile ˈphone British English, cellular phone (also cell phone American English)TELECOMMUNICATIONS a phone that you can carry with you, which works by using a network of radio stations to pass on signalsOn a mobile phone, you can speak to other people or send someone a text message, which is sent using a system called SMS (short messaging service) Most mobile phones have a camera, allowing you to take photographs or make a video, and some have an MP3 player for listening to music.Third-generation mobile phones, which are often called smartphones, allow you to access the Internet using WAP (wireless action protocol) and to send and receive emails.You can use a mobile phone on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you pay money in advance to get credit. When you have used up all your credit, you have to top up your phone (=pay more money) in order to continue using it. As an alternative, many people choose to have a contract instead. A contract usually lasts for a year or eighteen months and allows you to use your phone for a set number of minutes every month. For this service, you pay a monthly tariff (=fixed amount every month) and you are usually offered an upgrade (=a newer or better phone) when you renew your contract. phone
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