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mobile phoneˌmobile ˈphone ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  TCTa telephone that you can carry with you and use in any place syn cellular phone American English mobile phone users
Examples from the Corpus
mobile phoneIt used to be only the City yuppie, but now most people can afford a mobile phone.The frantic driver was able to get out of his car and call emergency services on his mobile phone.Ericsson, the world's third-largest mobile phone company, is to halt production of handsets, shedding 11,000 manufacturing jobs.Cable & Wireless fell 23p to 846p after its Mercury operation launched a new mobile phone service.There wasn't a dry eye on the terrace-until somebody's mobile phone went off, anachronistically.Dimension Data rose 4.1 per cent to R52.90 while mobile phone operator M-Cell jumped 76.6 per cent to R26.65.
From Longman Business Dictionarymobile phoneˌmobile ˈphone British English, cellular phone (also cell phone American English)TELECOMMUNICATIONS a phone that you can carry with you, which works by using a network of radio stations to pass on signalsOn a mobile phone, you can speak to other people or send someone a text message, which is sent using a system called SMS (short messaging service) Most mobile phones have a camera, allowing you to take photographs or make a video, and some have an MP3 player for listening to music.Third-generation mobile phones, which are often called smartphones, allow you to access the Internet using WAP (wireless action protocol) and to send and receive emails.You can use a mobile phone on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you pay money in advance to get credit. When you have used up all your credit, you have to top up your phone (=pay more money) in order to continue using it. As an alternative, many people choose to have a contract instead. A contract usually lasts for a year or eighteen months and allows you to use your phone for a set number of minutes every month. For this service, you pay a monthly tariff (=fixed amount every month) and you are usually offered an upgrade (=a newer or better phone) when you renew your contract. phone
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