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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmockerymock‧e‧ry /ˈmɒkəri $ ˈmɑː-/ noun  1 make a mockery of something2 [uncountable]MAKE FUN OF when someone laughs at someone or something or shows that they think they are stupid There was a hint of mockery in his voice.3 [singular]USELESS something that is completely useless or ineffective She said that the trial had been a mockery.
Examples from the Corpus
mockeryAn embargo without enforcement would be a mockery.He had made a mockery of justice.Once again it did not honour its commitments, he says, thereby making a mockery of the Good Friday agreement.I went to college once and engaged in my share of spoofs and mockery.Because his mockery or contempt on top of everything else would devastate her.But his eyes still held the old mockery and the remembered cynicism.There was no harshness or mockery in the sound now.Kline's mockery of Palin's stuttering in the movie was offensive.Take the aquatic bear for which Darwin suffered such mockery.She glanced up, met those extraordinary eyes, and saw from the mockery in them that she'd been right.
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