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modmod1, Mod /mɒd $ mɑːd/ noun [countable]  British EnglishSSY a member of a group of young people in Britain in the 1960s who wore a particular type of neat clothes, listened to soul music, and rode motor scootersrocker
Examples from the Corpus
modMany were living in sixteenth and seventeenth century cottages with hardly any mod cons.These styles can be seen in the pictures of mod rallies at seaside towns.Money saved by not fitting the parts road bikes require has been spent on the race mods.Meeting It, Sue Small, Blackheath retired mod, got hooked on it.The general effect resembled the mods of 1964/65 with their preppy look.The mods eventually split into two distinct groups.The mods had soul, the Motown sound and beat music.
modmod2 verb [transitive] informal  to change something, especially software modding noun [uncountable]ModMod1 /mɒd $ mɑːd/ noun  a member of a group of young people in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s, who followed a fashion for neat clothes, soul music, and parkas (=a long coat with a hood). Mods rode scooters and often went in large groups to seaside towns to have fights with rockers on bank holidays.ModMod2 noun  a Gaelic festival of music and poetry held in Scotland every yearMODMOD /ˌem əʊ ˈdiː/  the ministry of defence
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