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model aircraft/train/car etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodel aircraft/train/car etcmodel aircraft/train/car etcDHTCOPYa small copy of an aircraft, train etc, especially one that a child can play with or put together from separate parts He is playing with his model railway. She builds model aeroplanes in her spare time. model
Examples from the Corpus
model aircraft/train/car etcLoafers that looked more like model cars.A model car doesn't have to contain all the elements of an internal combustion engine in order to work as a toy!The sum was raised at a model aircraft flying display that was all but washed out through appalling weather.Corgi sent a full range of their model cars, including Rolls Royces and Porsches.Andrew has been prompted to make a model car like his dad's.Some people like model trains or football.Genghis, assembled out of model car parts, weighed only 3. 6 pounds.I built model cars when I was younger.
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