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model prison/farm/school etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodel prison/farm/school etcmodel prison/farm/school etcBESTa prison etc that has been specially designed or organized to be as good as possible model
Examples from the Corpus
model prison/farm/school etcThe jail is less than a year old and has been hailed as a model prison.Wave of unrest hits model prison.The Economic Societies encouraged local industries, set up model farms, and sponsored new crops.Before applying the impact of support charges, his model farm produced a farm gross margin of £101,000 under farm income-optimising calculations.There he built a model farm specialising in truffles - the regional speciality - potatoes and nuts.A model farm was built for the herd in 1850 but after 1870 the herd's size was never more than 100.
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