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model wife/employee/student etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodel wife/employee/student etcmodel wife/employee/student etcPERFECTa wife, employee (=worker) etc who is considered to be good because they do everything they should syn exemplary His lawyers tried to show him as a model husband and father. model
Examples from the Corpus
model wife/employee/student etcAfterwards she would be full of remorse and would return to playing the clean-living model student.First, she had to have earned good grades; second, she had to have been a model student.Two other girls were model students.In all she was a model wife, and earned the esteem of everyone in the town.Unlike Aung San and Sukarno he was a model student, excelling despite his marginal position.How is that model employee of yours?He is in other words a model student though not necessarily a good one.Xavier Hicks, model student, was being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a concealed weapon.
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