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model yourself on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodel yourself on somebodymodel yourself on somebodyBritish English, model yourself after somebody American EnglishIMITATE to try to be like someone else because you admire them Jim had always modelled himself on his great hero, Martin Luther King. model
Examples from the Corpus
model yourself on somebodyThomas Becket modelled himself on Anselm - in his exile, his inflexibility, his austerities.Dean was another rebel, no doubt modelling himself on his two idols.As we grow up we model ourselves on our parents, identifying with them and imitating them.If the C of E models itself on Parliament, the Methodists model themselves on a school prize-giving.A number had decided to model themselves on the behaviors and demeanor of a favorite boss or company hero-a very reasonable strategy.Plenty of singers, wisely or otherwise, have modelled themselves on the heroes and villains of great literature.For men to model themselves on Ulysses rather than Hercules.Nobody's modelled themselves on us, they've gone more the Roses and the Mondays.
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