3 verb
model3 past tense and past participle modelled, present participle modelling British English, past tense and past participle modeled, present participle modeling American English
1 [intransitive and transitive]DC to wear clothes at a fashion show or in magazine photographs in order to show them to people:
She's modeling Donna Karan's fall collection.
Claire modelled for a few years when she was in her twenties.

model yourself on somebody

British English model yourself after somebody American English to try to be like someone else because you admire them:
Jim had always modelled himself on his great hero, Martin Luther King.

be modelled on something

to be designed in a way that copies another system or way of doing something:
Their education system is modelled on the French one.
4TD [transitive]TIC to do a computer representation or scientific description of a situation or event:
They used a computer to model the possible effects of global warming.
5 [transitive] to make something by shaping clay, wood etc
modeller noun [countable]

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