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modellingmod‧el‧ling British English, modeling American English /ˈmɒdl-ɪŋ $ ˈmɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  1 BODCthe work of a fashion model a career in modelling2 TICCOPYthe process of making a scientific or computer model of something to show how it works or to understand it bettermodelling of computer modelling of the system economic modelling3 the activity of making models of objects
Examples from the Corpus
modellingBut then Twiggy, who by now had switched from modelling to acting, came along and stole his heart.It has improved graphics features too, for abstract mathematical modelling, and new selectable fonts.computer modellingAdvanced computer modelling techniques have been developed to simulate the refining process.The alternatives - studying people, tissue culture, computer modelling etc. - are actually used much more than animal studies.A wide range of software is supported, including specialist statistical packages, databases, and software for computer modelling.Experience in the use of computer modelling is highly desirable and a high degree of numeracy is essential.Its figures are based on computer modelling techniques to predict the consequences of policies before they show up in national statistics.Without computer modelling, the engineer is forced to take short cuts by evaluating fewer design options.
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