Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: modestus



not proud

someone who is modest does not want to talk about their abilities or achievements [≠ immodest, boastful]
modest about
He was always modest about his role in the Everest expedition.
You're too modest! You've been a huge help to us.

not big

not very great, big, or expensive:
She had saved a modest amount of money.
The new service proved a modest success.
a modest house with a small garden
his modest ambitions


shy about showing your body or attracting sexual interest, because you are easily embarrassed [≠ immodest]:
She was a modest girl, always keeping covered, even in summer.


old-fashioned modest clothing covers the body in a way that does not attract sexual interest:
a modest knee-length dress
modestly adverb:
'I was just lucky,' he said modestly.
modestly priced meals

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