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modularmod‧u‧lar /ˈmɒdjələ $ ˈmɑːdʒələr/ adjective  SETIconsisting of separate parts or units which can be put together to form something, often in different combinations a modular course in business studies Most colleges now use the modular system of teaching. modular furniture
Examples from the Corpus
modularThe software engineering theme continues with a study of a modular approach to designing computer solutions.The modular architecture will integrate 10m transistors.There was some nervousness that perhaps modular courses did not deliver a satisfactory educational experience from the viewpoint of the student.The jacquard switch can be used in combination with switches 2 to 5 on the 580 and the modular electronics.Elonex also intends to ship modular notebook personal computers this month.Of course, integrated programmes are less suitable for part-time attendees and those who want to do parts of a modular programme.In order to aid the assembly of the modular station, Mir is equipped with six docking ports.a modular storage systemA modular structure would also have the advantage of helping to avoid too rarefied an approach.
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