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modus operandi

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodus operandimo‧dus op‧e‧ran‧di /ˌməʊdəs ˌɒpəˈrændi $ ˌmoʊdəs ˌɑːpə-/ noun [singular]  formalWAY/MANNER (abbreviation M.O.) a way of doing something that is typical of a particular person or group
Examples from the Corpus
modus operandiSuch a modus operandi would be a severe task for an experienced campaigner, let alone a novice like Forbes.Life can not possibly function without scale and levels of being; they are part of its modus operandi.It also gave the opening for reaching a more satisfactory modus operandi with the Writers' Union.Its typical modus operandi is not to bid but threaten effectively to liquidate the trust, a vote of corporate hara-kiri.
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