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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmogulmo‧gul /ˈməʊɡəl $ ˈmoʊ-/ noun [countable]   movie/media/gambling etc mogul
Examples from the Corpus
mogulThough movie stars and corporate moguls have run up prices in beach-front resorts recently, expect prices overall to stabilize.Ah, the life of the hip-hop mogul.But many of the A&R moguls interviewed here would be quick to disagree.Lloyd Kaufman is also a writer, director, producer, actor and studio mogul, all rolled into one.
MogulMogul, Moghul (also Mughal) noun  a member of a family of Muslim rulers of northern India from 1526–1857, a period known for its beautiful art and buildings, including the taj mahalFrom Longman Business Dictionarymogulmo‧gul /ˈməʊgəlˈmoʊ-/ noun [countable] movie/media/oil etc mogul journalism someone who has great power and influence in a particular industry or activity
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