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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoldymold‧y /ˈməʊldi $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective  x-refthe American spelling of mouldy
Examples from the Corpus
moldyWet, moldy basements may be more than a nuisance.moldy breadTo listener Glenn Gargas, the report was as stale as moldy bread.And, like an Edgar Allan Poe character, he harbors a penchant for graveyards, caskets and moldy cellars.The toxin produced by the fungus grows in moldy feed.A cement foundation of a farmhouse was still standing, and a few moldy lilac bushes shielded the barracks from view.Today, courts still follow the spirit of these mean and moldy precedents.This was fine compared to the moldy tents and dirt floors at tent city.
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