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moleskinmole‧skin /ˈməʊlˌskɪn $ ˈmoʊl-/ noun [uncountable]  1 DCCTIMthick cotton cloth with a soft surface moleskin trousers2 HBAthe skin of a mole
Examples from the Corpus
moleskinI put a moleskin patch on my heel.Apply moleskin or a Band-Aid and leave in place until it falls off naturally in bath or shower.She tucked her ivory satin shirt tighter into the waistband of her fawn moleskin trousers.In rapid succession, he unzipped her moleskin trousers and drew the skimpy white lace G-string from her thighs.We discovered the joys of moleskin and the art of walking on our hands and knees.Did anybody have things made of moleskin nowadays?They can be worn casually too, and this moleskin example from Racing Green is excellent.
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