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moment of madness/weakness/panic etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoment of madness/weakness/panic etcmoment of madness/weakness/panic etca short period of time when you do not feel or behave as normal and often do or say something which you later wish you had not done or saidin a moment of something In a moment of madness I agreed to go with him. He experienced a brief moment of panic. moment
Examples from the Corpus
moment of madness/weakness/panic etcShe rang the doorbell, listened to the silence within and felt a moment of panic.I had a moment of panic.What mattered was that one of the legs had been used by the gang in a moment of panic.He caught me in a moment of weakness.In a moment of madness Rosenoir kicked Alan Kernaghan as he lay on the ground.In a moment of weakness the President had accepted the invitation.It was a moment of madness.
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