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money market

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money marketˈmoney ˌmarket noun [countable]  BFBBFLall the banks and other institutions that buy, sell, lend, or borrow money, especially foreign money, for profit
Examples from the Corpus
money marketA money market works in a similar kind of way.The excess supply of money in the domestic money market will push down the rate of interest.The Bank is a major player in the sterling money market, buying and selling Treasury bills on a daily basis.Then move the $ 7,000 from the savings account into one of the money market funds.Therefore net cash balances comprise cash and cash equivalents together with money market deposits.
From Longman Business Dictionarymoney marketˈmoney ˌmarket [countable]FINANCE a market for borrowing money over short periods of time in the form of COMMERCIAL PAPERs, TREASURY BILLs etc market