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money supply

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money supplyˈmoney supˌply noun [singular]  technicalPEC all the money that exists in a country’s economic system at a particular time his policy of controlling the money supply and cutting public spending
Examples from the Corpus
money supplyTomorrow, revised November industrial production and December money supply figures are released.Council member Helmut Hesse said the Bundesbank is likely to cut interest rates again if money supply growth fails to pick up.The system would probably need strict control of money supply too, keeping its growth in line with national wealth.Here, the recorded money supply falls while spending increases.A policy of targeting money supply is also criticized by Keynesians for similar reasons.In other words, the realized change in the money supply is fully anticipated and hence.The authorities should adopt a rule for the rate of growth of the money supply and should stick by it.
From Longman Business Dictionarymoney supplyˈmoney ˌsupply (also money stock) noun [singular]ECONOMICS1the amount of money in an economy at a particular time, and the speed with which it is usedpolicies which are geared to stabilizing the rate of growth of the money supply2M0/M1/M2 etc different measures of a country’s money supply depending on the types of money they include, such as cash, BANK DEPOSITs (=money held by banks), COMMERCIAL PAPER (=borrowing for short periods of time by organizations) etcThe Fed said its narrow M1 measure of the money supply fell $400 million in the week ended Sept. 9, while the broader M3 measure fell $500 million.
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