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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoneyedmon‧eyed, monied /ˈmʌnid/ adjective [only before noun]  old-fashioned formalRICH rich the monied classes
Examples from the Corpus
moneyedShe had advantages, of course: a moneyed and cultured background, and a great canniness in finding the right teachers.The industrial revolution was creating a new moneyed class, much of it in the North and Midlands.But intelligence could not possibly be reserved for the washed and moneyed classes.a resort for moneyed FloridiansHis few educated or moneyed followers came from among people rendered marginal by ethnicity or factional misfortune.If you do not do it, moneyed interests will.The Eighties career woman who had it all: looks, glamour, fast-track, moneyed lifestyle, husband, children.By the moneyed masses, the New People.She had been a moneyed wench from parents who had made their fortune in fish and chips.
From Longman Business Dictionarymoneyedmon‧eyed /ˈmʌnid/ (also monied) adjective [only before a noun] formal monied people are rich and powerfulthe monied elite who have traditionally run Mexico’s banks and conglomerates
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