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moneylendermon‧ey‧lend‧er /ˈmʌniˌlendə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  BFLsomeone whose business is to lend money to people, especially someone who makes people pay back a lot more money than they have borrowedmoneylending noun [uncountable] Most of his fortune came from moneylending.
Examples from the Corpus
moneylenderEveryone, however, sympathized with junior officials; and everyone constantly wished a violent death on usurers and moneylenders.The Carey family had to rely on a house provided by a Bengali moneylender to save them from destitution.No figure is given for moneylenders.The mandarins also kept an eye on any emerging capitalists, merchants, moneylenders and nouveaux riches.The plaintiff moneylenders offered a loan to the son on the security of his parents' property.Samuel's large stall was in the rue de Sanghines, the street of the moneylenders.The moneylenders then looked to Sim for the cash and threatened him and his family.After World War I, 50 percent of the land was mortgaged to moneylenders by owner-tenant farmers.
From Longman Business Dictionarymoneylendermon‧ey‧lend‧er /ˈmʌniˌlendə-ər/ noun [countable]FINANCE a person or organization that lends money, usually outside the official banking systemFor poor people in Bangladesh, the local moneylender is the only source of finance.
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