Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: monere 'to warn'


2 noun
monitor2 [countable]


a television or part of a computer with a screen, on which you can see pictures or information
television/TV/computer monitor
She was staring at her computer monitor.
on a monitor
We could watch what was happening on the TV monitor.

piece of equipment for measuring

a piece of equipment that measures and shows the level, speed, temperature etc of something:
a heart monitor
The noise monitor recorded 98 decibels.

somebody who watches an activity

someone whose job is to watch an activity or a situation to see how it changes or develops, or to make sure that it is fair and legal:
UN monitors will remain in the country to supervise the elections.
peace/human rights etc monitors
The UN is sending peace monitors to the area.


a child who has been chosen to help a teacher in some way in class

somebody who listens to radio

someone whose job is to listen to news or messages on a radio and report on them

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