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monochromemon‧o‧chrome /ˈmɒnəkrəʊm $ ˈmɑːnəkroʊm/ adjective  1 CCin shades of only one colour, especially shades of grey We looked out over the grey, monochrome landscape.2 CCa monochrome picture or screen uses only the colours black, white, and grey opp colour a monochrome computer monitormonochromatic /ˌmɒnəkrəˈmætɪk◂ $ ˌmɑː-/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
monochromeMcCullin still prefers to shoot in monochrome.The brilliance of its colours turned the remembered garden outside into monochrome.The text is accompanied by an abundance of superb photographs, colour as well as monochrome.a monochrome color scheme for the roomIt's monochrome from now on, friend.DeskScan/UX allows scanning, viewing, manipulating for scale, contrast and brightness, storing and printing high-resolution colour and monochrome images.Output TableCurve output options include printing the curve-fit graphs and the data summaries in a high quality monochrome mode.Thurston has made a career in the art world out of sleek, minimal, monochrome paintings.There were some beautiful monochrome pictures of Yosemite.
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