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monogrammon‧o‧gram /ˈmɒnəɡræm $ ˈmɑː-/ noun [countable]  DCCTCMa design that is made using the first letters of someone’s names and is put on pieces of clothing or other possessionsmonogrammed adjective
Examples from the Corpus
monogramAnother possibility that I have experimented with once or twice is creating a monogram in flowers.Oval pewter boxes have hand-engraved monograms, from £17.95, while prettily embroidered hankies are £5.75.Nor can he be credited with the chi rho monogram.Every coin in those peasants' purses bore the royal monogram and title prescribed by the king.An inscription bearing this monogram was found in a tomb at Pompeii, dating from two and a half centuries before.He dresses conservatively-black shoes and all-the only hint at aristocracy being a tiny monogram on the shirt pocket.
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